COM IT Research Support & Development (RESDEV)


COM IT Research Support & Development (RESDEV) provides a range of services designed to support and facilitate research at UAMS.  RESDEV works to increase access to information technology and informatics for the research community at UAMS.

Office of the Executive Associate Dean for Research College of Medicine
Charlotte Hobbs, M.D., Ph. D.,
Executive Associate Dean for Research College of Medicine
RESDEV Contact Information:
Dean Wright, manager
Office: 460-2 Biomed2
Phone: 501-526-6094

COM IT Research Support & Development Services

ServicePurposeLink / Contact
Research SAN storage (RESSAN)
SAN storage is available for research use i.e. transferring large amounts of data like files from analytical devices like sequencers, scopes; short term storage for disaster recovery, computer repair. This storage is NOT backed up.
Win7: Go to Start Button and type \\rsn1 in the search box and press Enter
Dean Wright
Virtual Servers Departments can request a development server to test and develop new applications, databases, software, etc.
Virtual servers run in a VMware vSphere ESXi 5.5 virtual environment.
Dean Wright
Database developmentDatabase housing.Dean Wright
Application developmentInstall, test, troubleshoot, develop research applications, i.e. REDCap, Labkey, Formhub.Dean Wright
Research IT Core Facility SupportNetworking core facility devices, centralize applications, setup license servers, assist in maintaining or upgrading older equipment.Dean Wright
Equipment Exchange
Exchanging or re-purposing old or unused equipment can be done through RESDEV.Dean Wright
Assistance with COM IT hardware and applications.Assistance with services developed in COM Research IT Support:
RESNET -data storage;
RedCAP -data acquisition and management through a web interface;
Departmental servers like CCTR, COPNT, GRECCNT, RSCOA, VARES
Dean Wright
REDCapREDCap administrator -survey app and data acquisition and management through a web interface.REDCap
IT ConsultingConsult with researchers on IT solutions for their research. Dean Wright
Website Development & HostingDevelop, maintain, host websites.Dean Wright
Equipment HousingA central location where a researcher can have computer hardware housed.Dean Wright